Unique Tarot Readings With Shamanic Guidance

The Journey Man Online Tarot Readings offers you a unique spiritual/ shamanistic reading service that utilises shamanic practices, divination, Mindfulness & the Tarot.

With the Journey Man readings you don't simply receive a reading you receive spiritual guidance & support channeled directly from our guides & helpers in the spiritual realms emailed to you in a video so you can watch over and over. ( lasting between 20-30 minutes approx)

This is an in depth spiritual reading service.

The Journey Man reading offers a complete spiritual service in one :

Spiritual cleansing using shamanic techniques then shamanic divination with an indepth Tarot card reading that offers advice & guidance to assist you on your path using techniques found in Mindfulness practice & Shamanism

The Journey Man is a Shamanic practitioner, Mindfulness coach/ counselor & Tarot reader specialising in divination services.

Whatever your query you can be assured I work from the heart with compassion and always focused on your highest good.

I am also in the process of adding some other great items to the shop section such as handmade spell candles! Please drop by and take a look.

Please lso check out my other Tarot readings available online here at The Journey Man.

I am available for in person readings In and around the Kent, London area occasionally further afield when needed although all can be done over distance. Please call 07342968685 or email me for details.

What others have said...

"Wow wow wow. I went over my video reading again and I am so enlightened on how intense the journeyman goes I am very impressed. Thank you so much for this you are amazing I am speechless.people if you want a real shaman this is it you won't regret a video reading I am keeping him around he helped me so much and last ight I was dreaming deep and had some awesome visions in my dream. Wow my animal totem is a dog and brown bear...thank you so much I will ask for you again. Blessings to you journeyman ."

T.L. Kenner

Matt I cannot tell you how much your recent reading means to me. It's helping me make sense of what is going on. I'm still digesting it bit by bit xx

C. Murphy

Thanks Matt for your reading. It was the most accurate one I have ever had. To be honest never thought with you being on the other side of the world that you could tap into my energy the way you did and have such an amazing accuracy of my current life situation. Again thanks xx


Wow! I'm speechless! This was my first reading thank you from the bottom of my heart xx 


Thanks very much
for your reading and cleansing .You were spot on and accurate with everything you said ,you Are so good

M.A.K. Pederson

"You are an Amazing reader!!"

C. Stevens

"Just listened to my reading yet again amazing things make more sense now ,thanks Matt xxx"

S. Gillick

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